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March 2021

March! We remember that month in 2020. That’s when the world fell apart. New year’s is usually the time we reflect back on the previous year and look ahead, but because of covid, musicians mark March 2021 as the one year point of having no or very few gigs. Hopefully we are heading in the right direction and will have some type of gigs this summer. Finger’s crossed.

Internet radio has been doing very well for us with continued support from stations all over the world. That…we are very thankful for in the strangest of all years just passed. The band also did an in depth interview with Moto Kulture magazine that has a readership of 25,000 subscribers, about the lifestyle of motorcycles and rock and roll. We will be sure to let everyone know when the publishing date will be.

BigMotorGasoline will also be taping a 30 minute show this month to be streamed free for all to watch sometime in April. We can’t give out details as to when and where from quite yet, but when they are finalized you will be sure to hear from us through all platforms we use to communicate.

New songs are coming along quite well and hopefully we will get into the studio to record in the summer and hopefully, the snow and covid will be melting away by the next update in April…finger’s crossed! Cheers rockers.

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