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October 2020

Plexiglass and parking lots! This is what the rock and roll world has become. With performers playing behind plexiglass with dancing prohibited in front of them or honking your horn as approval for the band as seen through your vehicle windshield, this is what it has become. It’s not rock and roll to us! With covid numbers on the rise again and the outdoor venues closing up it seems to be a long fall and winter ahead of us. We even heard that in Toronto they want bars and restaurants to keep any music playing in the venue at a volume that is suitable for conversation, so people don’t have to yell and spread germs. No live rock and roll bands for awhile yet folks.

Thanks to all who checked out the website and gave us your stamp of approval. It was awhile getting’ it going, but worth it we think. As we don’t have any shows currently to sell our merchandise, the website is the only place to offer up our merch to you right now (besides the back of my van!). Check it out right here. We are really proud of our new CD and think you will love it too. Check out the samples.

Video #3 from the new album is coming soon! Footage has been shot for the song Whiskey Down and is currently in the sorting out/editing stage. Stay tuned for that one.

We still are still looking for your video footage (cell phone is fine) of you rockin’, singing, dancing, dressing up, dressing down or just being silly for any part of our song “Feelin’ Alright”. We want to make the best fan video we can. You can listen to it here. Sorry, but only the most creative will be used.

As we continue to write new tunes we will continue to make videos to stay visible and show that we are still alive for now. So…stay safe out there and although live music may have taken a huge hit, online music has never been as vibrant as it is today. Lots of very cool bands out there…Ya just have to search a bit, because the regular radio ain’t givin’ it to ‘ya! Find it, dig it, support it.

Cheers to all you rockers out there, till next time. Peace.

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